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The so-called 'revolutionary' group completely disappeared during the disaster: the country will remember this

29 Apr-2021

The epidemic has had a terrible impact in the entire country for more than 1 year. During this period, socially, economically and mentally, every section of the country has been negatively affected. However, there is also a large section of the society, which is working to support people by themselves, as well as spreading positivity in the society.

But in spite of the fact that every society has such truth there are some groups who are only serving negativity even under such adverse circumstances and people who pretend to be revolutionary for years are now hidden in their bill.

Communist Party leader Kanhaiya Kumar, who is facing a case of treason for allegedly raising slogans to commemorate the anniversary of Afzal Guru and tearing India apart, is missing completely. From nowhere this person did not try to help anyone at the grassroots level.

Kanhaiya Kumar, who was served as a revolutionary by the leftist media of the entire country, has hidden himself in his house when disaster struck in the country. Not only this, Kanhaiya Kumar, who has been mainly taunting the central government from time to time, himself did not appear to go ahead and help anyone.

Apart from this, another alleged revolutionary through whom the Congress organized a Patidar movement to bring down the BJP government in Gujarat. It featured Hardik Patel in the lead role, who is currently the acting president of the Gujarat Congress.

The Congress tried to bring down the government by leading the Patidar movement under the leadership of Hardik Patel. However, in the immediate time, the BJP strengthened its hold by changing the Chief Minister and the Congress stakes failed completely.

The same Hardik Patel is not seen anywhere at the present time, saving people from the coronavirus epidemic.

Apart from this, the names of people like Swara Bhaskar have also been included in it who instigated Muslims during the Shaheen Bagh movement and the Delhi riots. Notorious because of his anti-Hindu acts, Swara Bhaskar, who is known as a supporting artist in Bollywood.

Swara Bhaskar is completely missing in the time of the present pandemic or it is engaged in cursing the government.

Apart from this, people like Jignesh Mevani, Ravana Chandrasekhar are also completely absent. Various leftist media and journalist groups of India do not get tired of describing them as the leaders of the times to come but when the country is hit by trouble, all the so-called revolutionaries are completely missing.


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